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​​Top 8 Workout Motivation Tricks

#8: Movies, Documentaries, Youtube:
There are many movies and documentaries that are very inspiring and motivational. In this digital age finding a movie or documentary related to sports and fitness is as easy as typing a few characters on your smartphone anywhere and anytime. For example, you can find many instructional and motivational videos on YouTube, or catch a great movie or documentary on Netflix.
#4: Music:
Maybe you’ve already made it to the gym, but just can’t seem to find the energy or mindset to push yourself. For some certain music can get you amped up and put you in the mood. It can put you in the power zone when you’re feeling down or need that extra boost.
#5: A Workout Companion:
A good workout partner will keep you on track. It’s harder to make excuses not to show up for a workout session when you are meeting with a workout partner. A workout partner can also give you that extra push when you need it.
#2: Images:
Pictures can be very inspirational, and people are very visual creatures by nature. Looking at fitness magazines, online fitness sites, or even inspiring photos here on Pinterest can truly get you motivated to work out.
Now that you know how to get motivated to exercise, use one or more of the tips above and get started already!

#1: Partner, Family & Friends
Your number one motivator should be family. Looking sexy for your mate and being healthy for you kids should be by all means more than enough to get you to the gym. Being healthy and fit sets a great example for your kids.  They will not only be proud of you, but will most likely follow your lead. The same goes for your spouse, not to mention your sex life could benefit tremendously.
#7: Set Small Goals:
Don’t over think it. Set small goals and just go for it. The more you think, the more your subconscious will try and talk you out of it. Excuses are always the cheap way out, and you are only fooling yourself. Once you start working out regularly and start seeing results, you will be motivated to keep going and to set high goals. One small step at a time is all it takes. No pressure, just dedication and perseverance.
Let's Get Motivated to Exercise
When it comes to working out, motivation is everything. Motivation gets you to the gym, and it keeps you in the gym. I always say, you must train your brain before you can train your body. Without the right mindset your workout endeavor will most likely fail.

If I told you that George Clooney or Channing Tatum would take you on a date, but only if you lost 10 pounds first, you’d be sprinting to the gym without finishing this article. That is true motivation my friend!

In reality we have to find other ways to motivate ourselves. So here are some tips to help you get motivated and get to the gym and off the couch.
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#6: Classes:
For some it’s hard to work out alone. A class can make you feel more committed and will provide you with the workout instructions to keep you going.  


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#3: Personal Trainer:
If money is not an issue, a good workout instructor will keep you motivated and give you the drive and push you need to accomplish your fitness goals. If you are new to working out at a gym, a personal trainer can be very helpful at showing you how to use the various workout machines, how to perform the exercises, how many sets and reps are needed for your personal goals, and possibly some good pointers on nutrition and protein consumption.