5. Roman Chair
6. Thoracic Extensions,
7. Bridge Exercises

Your core muscles include abdominal and lower back muscles which tie together to give you upper body support. When these muscles are week, lower back pain and lower back injuries are more prone to occur. The following is a list of core strengthening exercises you can perform 2-3 times per week to help you avoid lower back pain or even lower back injuries.

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Lower Back Pain Relief for Everyone
Core exercises to prevent lower back pain is not only for runners, but also for all athletes and even all none athletic types.  We all use our core muscles for daily activities. So performing core muscle exercises is important and beneficial for everyone. 

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How to Prevent Lower Back Pain from Running

1. Your first line of defense is a good warm-up before running.

2. Make sure to always where the proper shoes with the correct arch support for your feet.

3. If at all possible choose a soft surface to run on to reduce impact.

4. Use good posture and form, keep your body aligned, and do not lean forward.

5. Do not land on your heels when running, as this will create a jarring effect on the spine.

6. And last but not least, STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE MUSCLES to prevent lower back pain from running.

Top Core Exercises to Prevent Lower Back Pain from Running

1. Sit Ups & Crunches
2. Leg Lifts
3. Squats,
4. Dead Lifts

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain
A very common problem today among runners is lower back pain. Long distance running, running up or down hill can cause great stress on the lower back. Impact and jarring motion from running and long running sessions can contribute to unwanted lower back pain. There are various measures runners can take to prevent lower back pain.

Lower back pain from running can happen to any runner at any time, and knowing how to deal with this problem can save you much agony and downtime. 

​​How to Relieve and Prevent Lower Back Pain for Runners


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