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If you weight train and are concerned about losing muscle mass, try taking some BCAAs with water 20 minutes before your HIIT.
I could have added drinking plenty of water, but I think we’ve all heard that one a million times. And I believe we all know that sugar of any kind is bad. Try to incorporate all these tips into your daily routine and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.
1. Low Fat Cottage Cheese (great slow release protein)
2. Whole Eggs (high in protein and fats)
3. Casein Protein Shake (great tasting and high in slow release protein)


Top 3 Tricks to Lose Weight
If you’re in a hurry to lose some extra pounds but don’t necessarily want to go on a crash diet, then these tips may be just what you need. Incorporate at least 3 to 4 of these fat loss tricks into your daily schedule and watch the fat quickly melt away. So let’s get started with our first trick.
I recommend getting your daily carbs in for breakfast and post workout. Your body is most receptive to insulin spikes post workout and will help to build muscle. And more muscle also burns more calories. For those of you not on a workout schedule, I strongly recommend doing so.
BigHubs | June 2015 | Fitness | Weight Loss

​​Fitness Model's Top 3 Tricks to Melt Away Fat Quickly


#1: Keep Insulin Low for at least 12 Straight hours
When your body is in fat burning mode, your insulin levels are low. And when your body is in fat storing mode, your insulin levels are high. You cannot ever be in both fat burning and fat storing mode at the same time. Consuming carbohydrates at any given time will spike insulin levels and thus put you in fat storing mode. I suggest backing off all carbs for at least 12 to 16 hours each day. This can include sleeping hours. The best times would be after 6pm until the following morning.
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#3: Have a Snack before Bedtime to Increase HGH
When you fall asleep and enter your REM cycle, HGH is released. HGH, human growth hormone, is responsible for building muscle and is a powerful fat burning hormone. HGH and insulin can never coexist. So by consuming carbs before bedtime, you are stopping the release of HGH and thus blocking this important fat burning hormone. To maximize HGH release, try the following snacks before bedtime:
#2: High Intensity Interval Training on Empty Stomach
Any type of HIIT is great for burning fat, but performing HIIT on an empty stomach, as in before breakfast, will melt away fat like no other. Interval sprints would be my favorite, but any type of high intensity anaerobic exercise will do the trick. This will most certainly boost your metabolism for the rest of the day, and kick your anabolic hormones into overdrive for some serious fat burning action.