#5 Increase Metabolism to Flatten your Abs Quickly
Metabolism plays a very important role in controlling body fat. It determines how many calories your body requires to perform certain day to day functions. Everything we do, every movement we make requires energy through calories. Even while we sleep our organs need calories to function properly. Ultimately, our metabolism is responsible for how many calories are burned at any given time. Everyone’s metabolism is different, and thus, some are higher or lower than others. A low metabolism will contribute to less calories burned and thus more fat buildup or fat retained in the body. A higher metabolism on the other hand will help you lose overall body fat more quickly and will result in a much leaner and healthier body.

There are many factors that determine whether your metabolism is higher or lower, and some can be controlled and some cannot. Some of these factors that we cannot control come with heredity, age, and gender. Other factors that determine our metabolic rate and can be controlled are hormonal imbalance or deficiencies, physical activity, sleep, dietary habits, just to name a few. So let’s add to our arsenal to get flat abs without sit ups by raising our metabolism starting with diet.

Your diet is responsible for much of your metabolism. Not only what you eat, but also when you eat, how much, and how often will influence your metabolic rate. For starters, never starve yourself. Eat the right food at the right time. Eat more carbs before lunch and less carbs and more protein after lunch. Six or more smaller portioned meals are better than three larger meals. This will keep you full throughout the day and keep your metabolism up. Don’t stop eating carbohydrates altogether, as they are very important in your diet, especially when exercising. They give you the energy needed to get you through the day, and supply your body with vital nutrients and vitamins for recovery, staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong. Again, have most of your carbs before noon, and stick to healthy carbs such as fresh fruit, grains, and nuts. After noon time, eat more protein rich foods and less carbs. Also make sure to eat food high in fiber and to get your essential fatty acids which are vital for normal metabolism and weight loss. Try eating foods on the low and medium side of the Glycemic Index. High GI foods create a surge of sugar in the body and cause insulin levels to spike and increase fat storage in the body.

Don't make dieting and exercising a chore, but rather, make it a lifestyle. Try to prepare your meals ahead of time. Don't eat out as much and make eating out a treat once or twice per month. Try to schedule your workouts at the same time on workout days. For example, going straight to the gym after work will make it feel more like a routine rather than a chore. There is no easy way to flatten your abs fast. It is hard work, no doubt, but stick with it and you will notice over time how it becomes a part of your everyday life. You can get flat abs without sit ups. Just remember that you want to stop targeting your abs and do exercises that will lose overall body fat in order to flatten your abs fast. Work hard, eat smart, and don’t give up. Good luck and much success.

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​​Get Flat Abs without Sit Ups

#4 Drink Water
I know you’ve already heard this before, but it is crucial - drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water is not only great for keeping your body hydrated, but it also keeps your metabolism up, has no calories and can keep you feeling full between meals. A tall glass of cold water first thing after waking is also an excellent way to kick-start your metabolism. One of my favorite tips to keep from over eating is to drink a glass of water before every meal. This will help give you that full feeling much quicker and save you from eating more and adding unwanted calories you don't need.
Did you know that one gram of fat equals 9 calories, one gram of protein or carbohydrate equals 4 calories, and one gram of alcohol equals 7 calories. One misconception about dieting is to starve yourself by drastically cutting calories. This is very unhealthy and will drop your metabolism and not work in the long run. So concentrate more on eating clean and eating healthy.
#1 Clean Eating

You must be on a strict diet to flatten your abs fast. You will absolutely never ever flatten your abs if you don't eat clean. That means eating as natural as possible. Eat lean beef, chicken, turkey and fish, and include healthy vegetables, fruits and nuts, grains, and other high fiber foods. Stay away from bad fats and sweets. Sugar is your enemy. Good fats are from vegetable oils such as olive, canola, sunflower, soy, corn, and nuts, seeds and fish. Bad fats are found in red meat, butter, ice cream, and cheese and many processed foods to name a few. No cheating with burgers, or fries, pizzas and gravies, dressing, sodas and alcohol.
How to get a 6 Pack without Sit Ups
You Cannot Spot Reduce Fat
You want the honest lowdown on how to get flat abs without sit ups? To keep this short and simple it really boils down to losing overall body fat and not just working out your midsection with tons of different abdominal exercises. So, if you thought it was as easy as doing sit-ups every day, think again. It is much harder than that. Unfortunately, you won’t see your six pack until everything else on your body is lean. This means if you want that six pack fast, you will need to perform exercises that burn the most fat. We are talking heavy duty compound and cardio workouts. And on top of that, you will need to be very strict with your diet.

You see everybody already has six pack abs! It’s just a matter of getting lean enough to expose them under your body fat. You may be asking yourself at what body fat percentage you will start to see your six pack abs? Well, every individual is different, but in general you would need to drop to approximately a 10-15 % body fat level for women and around 8-10% for men. These numbers may vary, as everyone carries body fat differently.

You must be 100% dedicated to your workouts and diet to achieve this goal. Six pack abs do not come easily. So if you’re really up for the challenge, here are some important basics and helpful tips to help you achieve your goal. Remember to concentrate and invest more time in your diet and workouts, and less time concentrating on stomach exercises. You want to do exercises that burn the most calories, and sit ups is not one of them.
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#2 Cardio Workouts to Flatten your Abs Faster
In order to flatten your abs, diet alone will not get you ripped, so exercise is a must. Some of the best workouts to get flat abs without sit ups and lose overall body fat are the treadmill, swimming, brisk walking, jogging, bicycling, aerobics, or any other cardio exercise of choice. As mentioned earlier, it's about getting you to lose overall body fat and not about wasting your time with sit-ups which don’t burn a lot of calories. Remember, you cannot spot reduce fat.
#3 Weight Training to Flatten your Abs
Lifting weights is also an excellent way to get flat abs without sit ups and lose overall body fat. Adding muscle to your physique will increase your metabolism and burn fat much quicker and keep it off. Did you know your muscles continue to burn fat even after you have finished your workout? One pound of muscle will burn approximately 30 to 50 calories of body fat per day.

I know I said that sit ups are not necessary to get a flat stomach, but it is important that you still do some abdominal exercises in order to strengthen your core area, since it does support your upper body and will help with other weight training exercises. So while you wait for that fat to slide off, strengthen your abdominal muscles with some sit ups, crunches and leg raises. Just don't overdue the ab exercises and put more energy and time into doing overall body training to lose overall body fat quicker. Once you have lost enough weight to expose your abdominal muscles, you can do more intense abdominal exercises to fine tune that washboard look.