Living healthy is achievable with the right mindset, motivation, perseverance, dedication and know how.

staying fit and healthy may  sound like a lot of work to most people, but trust me, if you make this a lifestyle and not a chore, and give yourself a chance to experience the results, you will realize how much better life can be for you, your friends, and your family.

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fastest weight loss workouts

burn the most amount of calories in the least amount of time. do you know what the top three calorie burning exercises are?

butt super bump technique

this simple yet effective technique will force your glutes to explode. feel a pump like you've never felt before.

free butt workout logs for women

download your free 12 week butt workout routine. these butt exercises are guarantied to make you glutes bigger and rounder.

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It is our mission to provide you with good quality information to help you stay healthy, feel energized, and look and feel Good about yourself . we cover a wide range of topics, from weight loss tips to diet plans, weight lifting and muscle building, workout and exercise programs, to healthy recipes, natural remedies, info on vitamins and supplements, and much much more.

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butt & leg home exercise equipment

It's never too late to get your butt in shape. check out these compact and affordable butt exercise machines for your home.

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how to do walking lunges for bigger glutes

would you say lunges are better than squats when building huge glutes? see how to do walking lunges correctly for a bigger butt.

do you know your basal metabolic rate?

the first step to weight loss and keeping your weight in check is knowing your bmr.